Preventing head lice is easier and more affordable than treating it!

About Us

We, Mel and Nat (Sisters and best friends) created a head lice preventive mist spray that we have extensively tried and tested for over 3 years and would like to share with other parents that wish to:-

1. Prevent their children experiencing the embarrassing and frustrating experience of head lice,

2. Solve persistent head lice problems,

3. Eliminate the headaches we as parents (grandparents and even teachers) experience when the kids catch head lice.


The Inspiration behind NitStuff:

The thought of going through the painstaking removal of nits stirred in us an inner belief, that we could create not only a time saving preventative mist spray but a product to condition the hair as other products leave the kids hair dry and damaged.  NitStuff has been extensively tried and tested.  After consistent use we knew it worked and felt it was essential to share NitStuff with friends and other Mums and Dads as we love it, believe in it, and so will you.

A personal note from Natalie - “As a working Mum, I remember my first experience with nits.  It was a rushed morning as usual.  We arrived at day care, I hurried out of the driver’s seat to open the door and unfasten my son in the back seat.  As I leaned in to undo the seatbelt,  kiss my son’s cheek at the same time and look to make sure there were no remnants of breakfast on his face, I noticed something in his hair around his temples.  It looked like sand.  My initial instinct was to brush it out.  It didn’t brush out.  I hesitantly walked into the reception of the day care centre and asked staff to look at my son’s hair, I was horrified at what I was predicting they would tell me.  I was told my baby had nits.  I immediately went to our local pharmacy, purchased a treatment and cried because I felt like the worse mother in the entire world.  How could I let my son get nits?  That was my introduction to nits.  It was awful!!!  I don’t want other parents experiencing the feeling I did. 

A personal note from Melissa - I remember the phone call, it was Nat.  She said….”Mel you need to check the kids hair, Aidan has nits”.  I immediately felt angry with Nat.  Although I knew it was completely out of Nat’s control, I had heard how painstaking the process was to eradicate them” I tell Nat now, “I’m sorry, it’s just the way I felt”… Fortunately my kids didn’t have nits.  I created a preventative and immediately started using it, and to this day the kids have never had nits.  I made a bottle up for Nat too and she loved it.  The preventative became a daily ritual and 3 years later Nat and I called the preventative NitStuff and wish to share it with you…..