Preventing head lice is easier and more affordable than treating it!

Further Reading about Nits and Headlice

About Head lice / Nits

Head lice has been around for thousands of years, even the ancient Egyptians shaved their head due to the blood sucking little insects.  Head Lice will crawl into any human’s hair to feed on very small amounts of blood from the scalp which will result in scratching.  Head Lice have no wings, cannot jump and can only reinfest by close contact. 

After mating, the female Head Lice (aka Louse) lay eggs (aka Nits) very close to the scalp or base of the hair, for the Nit to survive.  Preferred areas are behind the ears and hair line of the lower neck.  In colder temperatures the egg (aka Nit) will be closer to the scalp whereas warm climates, eggs are generally laid further down the hair shaft.  A Nit is tan in colour and usually white after hatching.

The Head Lice breeding cycle is actually quite rapid.  A Louse (female) can lay approx 100 eggs every 10 days which hatch 7 to 10 days later. 

Parent Information Sheet -

Prevent the spread of head lice

We don’t want to stop our kids playing side by side however we can reduce the spread of Head Lice by practising these very important prevention tips:

1. Initially shield your child’s hair when playing with other kids using NitStuff;
2. Avoid sharing hats, brushes etc with others;
3. Ideally, long hair pulled back as often as possible at school;
4. You don’t necessarily need to shampoo your child’s hair daily.  In fact, Head Lice prefer clean hair because it allows them to move from hair to hair more easily. 
5. Inform your school should your child come home with Nits so they can follow procedure to prevent Head Lice spreading among the kids.

Does your child have head lice?

Tell Tail Signs your child has Head Lice.

1. Small crawling insects on the scalp.
2. Tiny eggs attached to the hair that resemble sand and will not brush away.
3. Scratching.

Should Head Lice trouble your family there are treatments available both natural and chemical based.   See your local pharmacy or General Practitioner for preferred methods of treatment.

We believe you will enjoy the benefits NitStuff will provide as much as we enjoy the benefits.  Let NitStuff become part of your daily routine too.

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