Preventing head lice is easier and more affordable than treating it!

Why Use NitStuff - Prevent Head Lice

Prevention.  By using NitStuff you are helping to prevent your child catching head lice.  

Safe and Gentle.   

It is safe and gentle to use on sensitive skin.    

The active ingredient Tea Tree Oil is a clinically proven repellent.

Quality - Only quality products are used in manufacturing.

Detangles and softens.  

NitStuff contains a mild conditioner to maintain healthy smooth hair and assists in detangling long / curly hair.

NitStuff is a liquid mist that works to help prevent head lice using natural ingredients and essential oils that's manufactured in the Hunter.

Nitstuff will eliminate stress, save copious amounts of time and money treating Head Lice.   The results will speak for themselves!

Check out what our customers say about NitStuff.  

Use Everyday to achieve the following:  Nit Free hair; Reduce tangles and knots daily Hassle free styling Fewer morning dilemmas with the kids actually happy to have their hair done.     

NitStuff is a preventative, not a treatment!