Preventing head lice is easier and more affordable than treating it!

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Entered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, NitStuff is a plant-based product assisting in head lice prevention that has a long history of safe and effective use. With clinical trials to support our claim, NitStuff will help prevent head lice and associated problems head lice brings to many families with school aged children.

"Tired of spending money and time treating headlice"  Like help in preventing head lice?

Try NITSTUFF, a plant-based head lice preventative that also nourishes and detangles.

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What is NitStuff?

Imagine an invisible shield applied to help protect the kids from head lice.

The product itself is a unique plased- based formula with a mild pH, using premium grade essential oils.

NitStuff contains a mild wheat protein to nourish and detangle and will not leave the kids hair dry or greasy.  NitStuff is simply applied to damp or dry hair every morning before the kids leave home, even on weekends as nits are not just at school.  It’s that simple!

“A spray a day keeps nits away” is our motto.

NitStuff costs approximately .5 cents a day to help keep the kids nit free using NitStuff.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered. 

Our concept is to provide a unique, quality product that saves precious time and money for families, to alleviate the stress and headaches associated with head lice and especially ongoing Head Lice problems.  To avoid embarrassment for the kids, reduce school absences and in addition nourish and detangle hair at the same time. 

Key Benefits and Features of NitStuff

Nourishes & Detangles

Easy to use spray on application

Plant-based with NO harsh chemicals


Mild pH for sensitive skin

Beautiful fragrance (doesn’t smell awful)

Comes in 3 convenient sizes

 The majority of school children will encounter the awful experience head lice brings at some stage during their school life and parents will agree head lice has basically become a rite of passage. 

Getting head lice is not a sign of poor hygiene, so don't be embarrassed if your child gets them. In fact, head lice prefer clean hair because it allows them to move from hair to hair more easily. ‘Source:’

Are you tired of battling headlice? Maybe you simply don’t want your child to experience Head Lice or the terrible gut feeling of, oh no, is it Nits?   Let’s face it, most of us know when the kids get head lice, it is a frustrating, time-consuming, annoying, and often expensive experience!   Take the stress and worry away and use NitStuff!

Nitstuff is developed and manufactured locally in the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia.